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They Don't Mean Anything If They Aren't You

A smile is just a smile if it's not meant for you.
A hug is just a hug if I'm not in your arms.
See nothing is special if my happiness is not yours to renew.
People I see are just people, if they cannot protect me from harm.

A laugh is just a laugh if it isn't music to your ears.
A wink is meaningless if it's not from your eye,
A voice is just a voice if it is not yours I hear,
So anyone who tries to get me I'll just say goodbye.

A kiss is pointless and dull if it is not from your lips.
A heartbeat is just a noise if it isn't yours…
That is detected against my fingertips.
For you my heart soars.

Looks don't matter my lovely, I care for what's inside.
The pages are so much beautiful than the painted cover,
I desire you and all that you are, to you I've never lied.
Sweep me into your embrace, the warm folds of my lover.

The sky is bluer, the grass is greener,
And all of those cliché's.
But I mean it now, I really do! But I'm a dreamer,
Because I think you are all of my days.
-Wroxy Work
Wrote this just now about someone I care about very much :heart: I hate it >:C


And please do not copy my work without giving me credit, or asking my permission!
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March 17, 2012
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